relationships are everywhere

relationships are about more than just boning

relationships are everywhere. and it’s hard to talk about them because whenever you say relationship someone always translates that to romantic relationships and then they think (hope?) you want to bone. awkward.

but that doesn’t change the fact that relationships are, well, everywhere. i won’t belabor the point. basically i just want you to stop thinking of a primary romantic relationship for a minute.

we have relationships with people, with talents, with systems, with ideas and with rituals. you have a relationship with your finances, and when the relationship is healthy, you’ve got things under control – you have room to spend, you know where your money is coming from, you know where it goes. you don’t throw tantrums and go on unconscious spending sprees because you know that hurts you in the end.

in every relationship (with people and your own interests and abilities and the supporting systems of your life (body, money)) there are common principles that require your interaction with your “partner”

let’s talk about the relationship with your body for example

people are always making goals about fitness. and sometimes, if they follow through, they find they actually enjoy eating healthy and working out. the relationship they have with their body improves because they forced themselves to start treating it better.

their motivation may have been to look better in their clothes, but they ended up getting into a relationship that will last a lifetime.

but goals aren’t the only path to health. there is an organic path to health that comes from a place of care, appreciation, and love.

it’s called a relationship because it takes you places

if you board the ship, if you have a crew, if you cast your sails, the ship will move. movement isn’t up to you – you don’t have to control the wind, you adjust your sails.

keep the health of your relationships – develop routines and invest in assets/commitments (like a career) that will compound your efforts over time. find expression through keeping your relationship healthy. this isn’t about discipline – it’s about health and care and love. it’s about being conscious and connecting with parts of your and caring for your self and those around you and your entire ecosystem.

so let the wind do its job, and stop trying to force things, and just focus on improving the relationships in all the areas of your life.


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