Don’t Think…Just Do

Like the rest of ‘murca over Memorial Day weekend, I watched Top Gun: Maverick.

There’s a critical scene where the rally cry is don’t think just do.

You’d think this would be a post where I talk about how too many people do just that and I wish they’d actually take some time to think more. But, well, it isn’t.

This isn’t about or for those people. This is about and for you.

This is for the conscious, the woke.

Ya’ll gotta set your course and then just walk.

I know a lot of shitty things happen when people don’t think enough. But that’s not you. Your problem is that you think too much. There are seasons for overthinking. There are points in your life where you’ll realize you need to shake things up and you question your entire routine.

But the other times—the largest swaths of time—will be where you simply follow your routine without asking if this is what you want to do; where you engage in your practice without wondering if this is the best use of your time; where you allow yourself to follow through your ritual mindlessly so that your heart and your soul and the essence of the moment may have a chance to whisper or laugh or mourn or embrace.

It is through this daily choreography that your most intentional creative work will be realized. Step by step, bird by bird.

So do the work of building a routine that resonates with your truest intentions, and then decide to not question those intentions for a month or a quarter or a year. And then allow yourself to surrender to the ritual – it was not created by your overlords, it was not handed down to you from your parents, it wasn’t even chosen by your default, unconsciously-programmed self—it was curated and crafted for you by you. Dive in to it without questioning it – there will be plenty of opportunities to evaluate it later.

Don’t think – just do.
(which is how i got this post written and published today)

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