impact is not the same as contribution

some people’s contribution will be global

others’ will be local.

both are valid

both are wonderful

as the world gets bigger, it’s harder to make a global contribution. don’t worry about it. you don’t need to have a huge impact to make a contribution.

you can have a life purpose without needing to be world famous

what happened to you that makes you need to change the world? and how are you different from all those other people wanting to change the world?

the world needs your contribution – but the people of the world that really need it may be a small community spread over the world, or your neighbors. it may also change over the course of your life.

in my book, the most important thing is that you figure out who you are and develop and deliver your gifts in a way that contributes uniquely to others. find a way to lift others without depleting yourself.

that is the heart of authentic actualization

this is a value call – the foundational motivation is not fame or a sense of grandeur, it’s to know yourself and to be yourself and to do something that feels meaningful and something you’re capable at.

instead of benevolence, or power, this is the personal development value. and i think it’s brilliant.

if the impact you make does happen to be on a global scale, you’ll probably make a lot of money. if not, you’ll probably have a quieter, more simple life – both are awesome. both can be enough. but unless you know yourself, and unless you take some time to discover, develop, and deliver your unique contribution, you’ll struggle. but, shit, isn’t that life?

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